Important Changes at Maerdy & Ferndale Surgeries

As you will have noticed there have been many changes in the practice over the last few months. We have new doctors.

We have a new appointment system so you can book your appointment in advance at any surgery. Also have an emergency appointment or telephone consultation with the doctor on the day you need it. We have a system to request medication and to request fit notes.

In order to make things fair and equal for both Maerdy and Ferndale surgeries we ask patients to be seen at whichever surgery has the earliest appointments this is for EMERGENCY appointments only. This allows work to be equal across sites and patients everywhere are able to see a doctor.

We appreciate that this is all new to you and appreciate your patience.We want you to understand that these changes are being made to strengthen both Maerdy and Ferndale surgeries, and to make sure we continue to have doctors  working here. We understand that those with mobility problems may not be able to travel, for those exceptional cases we ask that you calmly and respectfully explain this to the reception staff.

The surgery has undergone a great deal of change in the last few years, the reception and admin staff have worked hard to help you over this time. We expect everyone to behave in a calm and respectful manner as rude and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

New Appointment System

Routine appointments can be booked in advance in ANY surgery that YOU choose. Emergency appointments are given out in time order, this means you cannot currently choose which surgery you will be seen at in an emergency. The reason for this is to make sure both practices are EQUAL and both continue to have doctors working in them.

Please respect the reception staff as they explain these changes to you.