Information for Carers

Carers Champion

The practice is now participating in the Carer’s Champion Project. The aim of this scheme is to identify carers and publicise their needs and rights and to raise awareness of carer issues and signpost patients to relevant agencies of help and support.

What is a Carer?

  • A carer is someone who supports a family member, partner or friend who otherwise may not manage because of their disability, fragility or illness and needs help to manage on their own and who could also be experiencing mental distress and they are effected by substance misuse or have substantial responsibility caring for a sibling.
  • You do not have to live with that person or you don’t have to be the only carer involved in that person’s life.
  • Carers are people of all ages including young people.
  • Some carer’s are classed as “Invisible Carers” thus not being recognised by society – therefore do not access any of the services available.

Examples of a Carer

  • A mother or father looking after their child with a disability.
  • A son or daughter looking after their elderly parents.
  • A husband looking after their partner who has a terminal illness.
  • A young carer helping to care for her brother, sister or parents who have learning disabilities.

A Carer’s Role

  • Help with official documentation.
  • Help with personal care.
  • Cooking and Cleaning.
  • Assist with mobility.
  • Help with medication.
  • Collect benefits and pay bills.
  • Listen to problems.
  • Keep them company.

What Can the Surgery Do?

We have nominated a Carer’s Champion in both our surgeries, they can signpost carers to relevant help agencies. A poster and picture is displayed in reception along with the designated person wearing a badge stating that they are the “Carers Champion” and they have been provided with space to display leaflets and posters.

Patients can register at the surgery for their details to be highlighted onto their medical records.

Our Carer’s Champion is:-

  • Mrs Annette Nicholls

Benefits of the Project for Patients and Carers

  • You will feel supported and be able to continue your caring role.
  • You will be more aware of the help available and how to access it.
  • You will have easy access to valid and appropriate information.
  • You will be able to access literature that you can read at leisure in your own surroundings and perhaps take up services at a time that best suits you. Create supportive links and opportunities to engage with and meet other carers in your local area.
  • To be recognised, identified and valued for your caring role and be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To access or be signposted to relevant and up to date information about the support that is available to you as a carer.
  • For staff to inform patients about the right to a carers’ assessment and to be given the relevant information – if they wish to proceed.
  • To be considered as an individual and for services to strive to reflect your own needs.